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Welcome to the SCP Minecraft Mod Wiki!Edit

This is a wikia for the documents and blocks and items for SCPCraft for Minecraft!

the SCP's seen in the pictures are taken from THE SCP MINECRAFT FOUNDATION which is a facility located in [REDACTED]  (redacted means it is TOP-SECRET and you can not know about it)

in the facility FREAKS of nature are tested so we can learn more about them and possibly destroy the ones who can destroy us. In the facility we have test subjects called CLASS-D PERSONNEL they test the experiments and when they die they are replaced by more test subjects. We also have strong guards called MOBILE TASK FORCES they are responsible to keep everyone safe and SCP's contained.

ATTENTION the recent ruining of scp pages were not me they were some of my friends who thought it would be fun they didn't listen when i told them not to i apologize for the recent ruined scp pages please do not think it was me and ban me it was by a completely different wikia contributer i am in no way against this mod or the wiki i actually love this mod and have a profile on this wiki but what happens to my friends is up to the owner/admins of the wiki please know that i did not have anything to do with it i admit i was the one who "changed" some of the earlier ones and some still remain such as scp-173s page i apologize for that i was bored and tired and wasn't thinking straight and i hope you can forgive me. that will be all. P.S please do not delete what i have written until the admins/owner read this.



Items and Blocks




Download (1.7.10)


TRAILER 1 Secure, Craft, Protect Minecraft mod - ,,The Offical"04:54

TRAILER 1 Secure, Craft, Protect Minecraft mod - ,,The Offical"



  • SCP-682: Your death is inevitableGo to
  • SCP-079: The sentient blockGo to
  • SCP-053Go to
  • SCP-872: The Tattered FarmerGo to
  • SCP-629: Hello Mister!Go to
  • SCP-997Go to
  • SCP-027: The Vermin GodGo to
  • SCP-006: Fountain of YouthGo to
  • SCP-594: Electric SheepGo to
  • SCP-143: The Bladewood GroveGo to
  • SCP-294: The Coffee MachineGo to
  • SCP-472: Don't go crazyGo to
  • SCP-076-2: ,,Able"Go to
  • SCP-076-1Go to
  • SCP-073: ,,Cain"Go to
  • SCP-538: The Shadow SpidersGo to
  • SCP-310: Enternal FlameGo to
  • SCP-080: The BoogiemanGo to
  • SCP-409. Contagious CrystalGo to
  • SCP-015: Pipe NightmareGo to
  • SCP-354: The Red PoolGo to
  • SCP-273: Human PhoenixGo to
  • SCP-096: The Shy GuyGo to
  • SCP-058: The Heart Of DarknessGo to
  • SCP-966: Sleep KillerGo to
  • SCP-280: Eyes in the DarkGo to
  • SCP-1000: BigfootGo to
  • SCP-151: The PaintingGo to
  • SCP-087: The StairwellGo to
  • SCP-999: The Tickle MonsterGo to
  • SCP-457: The Burning ManGo to
  • SCP-261: Pan Dimensional VendingGo to
  • SCP-914 The ClockworksGo to
  • SCP-009Go to
  • SCP-372: Peripheral Jumper

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