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Welcome to the SCP Minecraft Mod Wiki!Edit

This wiki is about documenting all the items, blocks, and SCPs in SCPCraft for Minecraft!



Items and Blocks



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  • SCP-682: Your death is inevitableIr a
  • SCP-079: The sentient blockIr a
  • SCP-053Ir a
  • SCP-872: The Tattered FarmerIr a
  • SCP-629: Hello Mister!Ir a
  • SCP-997Ir a
  • SCP-027: The Vermin GodIr a
  • SCP-006: Fountain of YouthIr a
  • SCP-594: Electric SheepIr a
  • SCP-143: The Bladewood GroveIr a
  • SCP-294: The Coffee MachineIr a
  • SCP-472: Don't go crazyIr a
  • SCP-076-2: ,,Able"Ir a
  • SCP-076-1Ir a
  • SCP-073: ,,Cain"Ir a
  • SCP-538: The Shadow SpidersIr a
  • SCP-310: Enternal FlameIr a
  • SCP-080: The BoogiemanIr a
  • SCP-409. Contagious CrystalIr a
  • SCP-015: Pipe NightmareIr a
  • SCP-354: The Red PoolIr a
  • SCP-273: Human PhoenixIr a
  • SCP-096: The Shy GuyIr a
  • SCP-058: The Heart Of DarknessIr a
  • SCP-966: Sleep KillerIr a
  • SCP-280: Eyes in the DarkIr a
  • SCP-1000: BigfootIr a
  • SCP-151: The PaintingIr a
  • SCP-087: The StairwellIr a
  • SCP-999: The Tickle MonsterIr a
  • SCP-457: The Burning ManIr a
  • SCP-261: Pan Dimensional VendingIr a
  • SCP-914 The ClockworksIr a
  • SCP-009Ir a
  • SCP-372: Peripheral Jumper

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