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JAVAW 2012-12-01 17-36-09-09

SCP-999 roaming around the facility

SCP-999  SCP-999 is to remain inside of an airtight metal container spherical in shape. If the subject appears to want to exit its containment a gaseous form of amnesiac is should be pumped into its containment. 3 automated turrets with motion sensors should guard the outside of SCP-999's containment cell.Should it escape 9-Tailed Fox will be deployed to re-contain the subject. If SCP-999 where to breach containment and reach the outside world would be a XKC class end of the world scenario


  • SCP-999 causes nausea and instant health.
  • SCP-999 looks like a large Slime, except it is a orange color instead of green.
  • If SCP-999 is killed, it spawn smaller of itself, similar to Slimes and Magma Cubes


  • SCP-999 shall be confined to nothing so it can eat all the vandals it wants. there only spiteing themself.


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