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Write the second section of your page here. SCP-965 Is A Face That Can See You do not look at it it kills you Run if you can He Going To be with SCP-106 SCP-087 SCP-280 SCP-080 And SCP-966 They Will Kill You SCP-965 Will Say Run Away from your Home In-Game SCP-965 Will stay With SCP-966 SCP-965 Will Get SCP-063 And use It SCP-965 will Hate The Old Man A.k.a Radical Larry SCP-965 Will Stare At SCP-789-J For 30 Seconds SCP-965 will Kill The Vermin God SCP-965 Does Hate SCP-420-J And SCP-965 Will Walk And See The Player then kill them and Run At Them

Special Containment Procedures SCP-965 Is Contain Outside Of The House Where Both the Player And Class-D Man Are Sleeping In their Nightmares

SCP-965 Was Only Written by D.r Gears and D.r Gerald

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