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SCP-872 is an aged scarecrow outfitted with a tattered coat and hat, measuring three (3) meters and ten (10) centi-meters SCP-872 is composed of standard wood, splinters of which have not displayed its anomalous properties. When animals considered livestock (sheep, cows, chickens, etc.) enter the area within 1.5 km of SCP-872, they are immediately affected by its anomalous properties. SCP-872 affected animals are hostile to those who approach them. Affected animals have been observed to utilize advanced maneuvers such as flanking and ambushing.When removed from SCP-872's area of influence, affected animals immediately enter a vegatative state. This state is reversed when samals are returned SCP-872's area of influence.


  • SCP-872 is a scarecrow.
  • Any animals that are close to SCP-872 will become hostile and attack the player.


  • SCP-872 is to be contained in a large area, surrounded by trees.

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