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Toilet SCP-789-J is in

SCP-789-J is a ghost that is a face. it lives in a toilet and it talks to you while you poop. then when you poop it goes "no stop aaaa-" and then stops because there is poop in its mouth!


  • SCP-789-J is a audio file saying "I am the Butt Ghost. I will eat your butt!"
  • When sitting on the toilet containing SCP-789-J the player gets damaged.


  • SCP-789-J travels through toilets and is easly contaned in washroom 789-J it is inside the middle toilet and it is addvised for no personnel it take a poop on it!.....unless they hate there butts!

Orignal LinkEdit

SCP-789-J is written by Salman Corbette

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