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Discovered in the Altai Mountains during a routine fact-finding mission, SCP-594 is a flock of feral sheep of an unknown breed resembling a wild Argali sheep in general build with a thick fleece like that of a domestic Merino, around 135 cm at the shoulder and weighing 195 kg on average. The sheep are highly aggressive and territorial in nature, and often attack unfamiliar personnel without warning or provocation.The defining characteristic of the sheep is that they are able to generate a substantial amount of static electricity simply by the friction caused during daily activities. The resultant charge is typically discharged at random, with mature specimens producing arc flashes that have been recorded at 1000 amps or more.Another trait exhibited by SCP-594 is an inherent ability to “walk on air” or more accurately levitate themselves at a distance on average of 2 to 4 meters vertically via manipulation of electromagnetic fields. Lambs and younger animals have a tendency to lose control mid-“flight”, often falling from high cliffs which can result in death of the animal. This may be the way the flock culled out weaker animals in the wild, but more research is needed.


  • SCP-594 is a sheep with electrified wool. The wool can be gathered using shears. However, when using the shears, the sheep will give the player and Electricity effect, which causes the player to hover above ground, harming the player.
  • The wool acts like a redstone block, providing power to any circuits touching it.
  • Destroying the wool also gives the Electricity effect, however does not kill.
  • Touching SCP-594 when it has the wool on also gives the Electricity effect.


SCP-594 is to be contained in a 7m x 7m garden with fences on the side.

SCP-594 is written by V the Happy Lurker