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SCP-354. Area-354 has not yet been built around it.

SCP-354 is a pool of red liquid discovered in northern Canada. The liquid is of a consistency similar to that of human blood (hence the colloquial name Blood Pond) but is not of a biological nature. The pool does not have definite banks; soil mixes with the liquid until, at a certain point, there is more soil than liquid and the ground is mostly solid. The liquid becomes denser as one descends deeper into the pool; if the pool has a bottom, it has yet to be reached. Periodically, entities emerge from the pool and attempt to escape from the enclosure. Thusfar, nearly all creatures emerging from SCP-354 have been extremely hostile and highly dangerous. At 1403 hours on ████, an unidentified entity emerged from SCP-354. Contact with Watch Station Epsilon-38 was lost. Mobile Task Force ████ was dispatched to deal with the entity and were eventually successful. All personnel at Watch Station Epsilon-38 were found dead. Area-354 was subsequently constructed to contain SCP-354.


  • SCP-354 can be spawned by a document or found in the wild.
  • Sometimes random hostile mobs emerge from SCP-354
  • If a player enters SCP-354, SCP-354 will give the player poison, hunger, slowness, weakness, scare,  and blindness.
  • it is possible to pick up SCP-354 in a [DATA EXPUNGED] made out of [REDACTED].


There are no standard special containment procedures for SCP-354. However, it is highly suggested to build a defense or wall around SCP-354 to prevent the hostile mobs from escaping from the area.

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[ SCP-354 is written by Dave Rapp ][1]