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SCP-106 out of containment

SCP-106 appears to be an old human in the advanced stages of decomposition. It is able to go through solid blocks and kills its prey by taking it to what is assumed to be its "pocket dimension".


  • SCP-106 is 2 blocks high.
  • It sees the player through blocks and can walk through blocks.
  • It deals a lot of damage in a single hit and can instantly kill the player if he/she has no armor on.
  • He moves a little bit slower than the player.
  • As of v1.2, SCP-106 now consists of a pocket dimension, where it "plays" with its victims. Sometimes, these activities can last for an extended period of time.
  • When taken to the Pocket Dimension, the player will have the slowness status and have Render Distance turned to Short.
  • It is almost impossible to contain him, as he will notice the player and start chasing him. If, however, the Player lures SCP-106 into the center of his cell, and puts water blocks in each of the four corners of the room, 106 will be unable to escape due to the water constantly pushing at him.


SCP-106 to be contained in his container chamber made from Corroded Reinforced Iron. It is highly recommended to contain him by placing water in the corners in his container chamber.

SCP-106's own video

SCP-106's own video

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The inside of the containment chamber before Incident-[REDACTED]

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SCP-106 is written by Dr. Gears and the Foundation link is here .