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SCP-1000 spotted in the wild

SCP-1000 evolved alongside Homo sapiens. Any instance of SCP-1000 finding its way to a major population center could constitute an ██-class end of the world scenario with a minimum death toll of [REDACTED] and possible extinction of humanity. Fortunately, SCP-1000 appears to instinctively avoid human contact. 


  • SCP-1000 is a 2 blocks high mob. It is very hostile.
  • SCP-1000 damages 1,5 hearts to a player by a single hit.
  • If SCP-1000 finds a village it will break down the doors and kill the villagers. The villagers have no chance of running away, because SCP-1000 is quite fast.


SCP-1000 has no special containment procedures.

Original LinkEdit

SCP-1000 is written by thedeadlymoose 

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