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Picture of SCP-096 out of containment. Face censored by D-1125. Subject was killed 2.5 minutes after viewing the photo.

SCP-096 appears to be an unusually thin, pale humanoid. Its arms are extremely elogated, along with its jaw, wich can open up to four (4) times the average maximum size of a regular human's jaw. Its skin and eyes seem to be void of any pigmentation. It seems to be suffering heavy malnutrition, for its ribs and spine are very visible through the skin. It is unknown how SCP-096 manages to stay alive without any external supply of food or water. SCP-096 will enter a rage state when a person looks at it's face. Whether it's in real life or through a photo or video does not effect it's reaction when one views it's real face. After approximatly one and a half (1/2) minutes, it will chase the victim, now deemed SCP-096-1, and upon reaching the victim will proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-096-1. It is not entirely clear if SCP-096 is sentient, or how it detects someone looking at it's face through media, and how it catches its victims. It seems to use a tracker to track SCP-096-2 down.


  • SCP-096 is 4 blocks high, but he can pas

    Closer View of SCP-096

    s through 2 block high doors. When he spawns in the cell, he is sitting down.
  • If a player looks at his face (in survival obviously), SCP-096 will stand up and start crying. After 10 seconds SCP-096 will start to chase the player and will find the player, pursue them, and them, aswell as devouring them.
  • Players who have seen SCP-096's face will have an icon of its pearl floating above their head.
  • It can destroy any blocks to get his prey, except for Bedrock, Netherbrick blocks and Reinforced Iron.
  • SCP-096 has 21 sounds.
  • SCP-096 can kill players and mobs instantly.
  • In Creative Mode, looking at SCP-096's face will not trigger it's hostile reaction
  • SCP-096 makes a creaking sort of noise.


  • SCP-096 is to be contained in 6x6x6 chamber made of reinforced iron. 

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SCP-096 is written by Dr. Dan