SCP-009 spreading out of containment.

SCP-009 is approximately 3,700 liters of a substance which exhibits a number of unique properties. While small amounts of the substance, in all phases, are as colorless as mundane water, en masse it takes on a distinct deep red hue.Its most notable property, however, is the fact that SCP-009's reaction to temperature extremes is exactly opposite that of standard H2O: the subject assumes a liquid phase at temperatures between -100°C and 0°C, and converts into a solid state above those temperatures. At temperatures below -100°C, SCP-009 vaporizes into a gaseous phase similar to steam, though it still retains its red coloration when put under high pressure.

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SCP-009 growing around the world


  • SCP-009 has similarities to SCP-409, but instead, it only takes over air blocks.


  • SCP-009 is, and should be, contained in a sealed off container at all times.

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SCP-009 is written by Chameleon X

SCP-009 document

SCP-009 document