Phuck Yu Too is the maker of the mod, you shall all love him as your master.


Phuck Yu Too can only be spawned by Phuck Yu Too.

Phuck Yu Too put SCP-169 in his aquarium.

Phuck Yu Too can move within a direct line of sight.

Phuck Yu Too is more badass then Dr. Clef.

No energy is lost while using Phuck Yu Too.

Phuck Yu Too is classified as Admin.

Phuck Yu Too has level 6 clearance level.

Phuck Yu Too won a staring contest with SCP-173.

Phuck Yu Too put a mirror in front of SCP-096.

Phuck Yu Too found the bottom of SCP-087.

Phuck Yu Too must be the ruler of the world as soon as possible.

Phuck Yu Too has been seen coding with his body 0% destroyed.

Phuck Yu Too has passed the Turing test.

Phuck Yu Too asked Dr. Who for his PHD.

Phuck Yu Too pulled SCP-106 into the Pocket Dimension, and chased him for fun.

Phuck Yu Too read SCP-1025, and got the "Lung Cancer" page. SCP-1025 developed Lung Cancer 1 hour later.

Phuck Yu Too destroyed SCP-682.

Phuck Yu Too stared at SCP-895's camera feed for too long. SCP-895 then started suffering from psychological trauma.


Phuck Yu Too Made a Brand New SCP Called SCP-008 And also Made SCP-1850


There are currently no containment procedures for Phuck Yu Too, because he has not yet coded them.

Phuck Yu Too is to be kept in a small container filled to the brim with cute puppies untill he decides he will re-elect Obama

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